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Litigation and trial can be financially expensive as well as emotionally demanding. Litigation and trial require complete commitment not only from the attorney but also from the client. A client who does not disclose all facts or who fails to comply with statutory procedures can cause great harm to their case. Trial preparation is extremely important – those who do not prepare are likely to lose.

A majority of litigation cases are settled before trial. However, a client and his attorney must not assume the case will settle and must always be prepared for arbitration and/or trial.

Our fees and retainers vary depending upon the type and complexity of your case. We use 3 different types of billing methods for litigation:

Fee Rage Includes:
*Flat rate
 - a one time flat fee which excludes court costs;
*Hourly rate - an hourly fee for work performed on your case which excludes all costs;
*Contingency - we take a percentage of any recovery – if you don’t recover, we don’t receive an attorney fee – this excludes all costs.

The Law Offices of Michael E. Moore litigates and takes to trial both criminal and civil cases. The majority of our litigation and trials involve civil matters, including but not limited to business disputes, contract disputes, civil rights, and serious personal injury.

Litigation Technology
Our office is computer literate and effectively employs the most current litigation and trial support technology to assist in handling complex litigation. Utilizing the firm’s technology and litigation support methods, we make frequent use of document and deposition retrieval software, including imaging technology, to aid in litigating complex cases involving large numbers of documents and the testimony of numerous witnesses. In trial presentation, we often use digital technology to facilitate trial presentation. At the same time, not every case warrants the use of advanced technology, so technology is utilized in the most efficient manner possible.

Litigation Efficiency and Economics
We recognize that clients generally retain services to achieve successful results in the most cost-effective manner. Our litigation attorneys strive to fulfill that goal in every matter. In keeping with this philosophy, attorneys assist clients in evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of their positions on an ongoing basis during litigation, and counsel clients in attempting to resolve disputes prior to litigation or during the early stages of a lawsuit where feasible. At the same time, it is recognized that effective representation depends on forceful and compelling advocacy. The Law Offices of Michael E. Moore prides itself in being able to meet that challenge in all aspects of a diverse and broad-based litigation practice.

Japanese Facilities
Since our office almost exclusively deals with litigation matters involving Japan, Japanese Businesses and Individuals, we are well versed in document translation, Japanese depositions, deposition in foreign countries and compliance with the Hague Convention regarding Service of Process on defendants in Japan as well as obtaining evidence in Japan.