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Criminal Matters
The Law Offices of Michael E. Moore, handles a variety of criminal matters. The majority of our criminal defense cases have involved federal criminal and federal grand jury matters. Samples of our federal cases include: Alleged criminal violations of federal statutes regulating the reporting of cash transactions – this criminal investigation was headed by the Internal Revenue Service; Alleged fraud committed by a tax preparer and his clients – this criminal investigation was also headed the the Internal Revenue Service; Alleged civil and criminal violations by various companies of Section 274A of the Immigration and Nationality Act – 8 U.S.C. 132 – these criminal investigations were headed by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, with legal action and a federal grand jury brought by the United States Attorney.

Depending on the case, we also accept a limited amount of misdemeanor and felony criminal matters including, but not limited to, Driving under the influence (DUI), assault/battery, and white-collar crimes.

Understanding the life consequences of criminal allegations, if your criminal case is accepted by our office, it will be given highest priority.

For information regarding driving under the influence, please go to our DUI page.