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View of Chopicallqui in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. The winds were over 100 mph. On the descent Michael's climbing partner Randy fell into a crevasse; he made it out, but Michael was stuck and had to find another route down.

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  • Criminal Law

    Standing near the summit of Maparaju, Andes, Peru.

    Criminal Law
  • Harassment at Workplace

    Avalanche at the ski resort in Portillo, Chile. Ski patrol initiated this avalanche after a storm had dropped about 6 feet of new snow. Great skiing in Chile in July and August.

    Harassment at Workplace
  • Wage & Overtime

    Avalanche coming down like a waterfall over the cliffs in Portillo, Chile.

    Wage & Overtime
  • Litigation and Trial

    Ski mountaineering in the Sierra Nevadas, Wahoo Gully. Left San Diego after work one day, spent the night in Bishop, climbed up, skied down and drove home that night. Back at the office the next day!

    Litigation and Trial
  • DUI

    Michael on an climbing expedition in the Andes, Peru. Headed towards the mountain to set up base camp.