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The Law Offices of Michael E. Moore performs professional legal services in several areas. Each type of service generally requires a different billing structure. Furthermore, different clients may require different billing structures.

Generally speaking we use three different types of billing structures:

Flat Rate Structure - a one time flat fee, which is paid in advance and may include costs. Generally this may be used for services such as:

- “One-time” consultations; and
Matters which are generally standard processes such as:
*Establishing a business;
*Most immigration services;
*Some criminal matters; and
*Some intellectual property services.

Contingency Structure - A percentage of any recovery – the attorney fee is contingent upon recovery, if you don’t recover, we don’t receive an attorney fee. This type of fee structure does not include costs and generally varies from 33% to 40% of any recovery. Generally this structure may be applied in litigation matters involving:

*Wrongful Death;
*Personal Injury – Vehicle Accidents;
*Personal Injury – Premise Liability;
*Personal Injury – Intentional Acts against one’s person;
*Wrongful Termination; and
*Civil Rights – A violation of one’s civil rights

Hourly Rate Structure - an hourly fee for professional services, which generally excludes any costs. This fee structure is generally applied to each matter that is not covered in Flat Fee Structure or Contingency Structure. Most often, the Hourly Rate Structure is utilized matters involving:

*Complex legal consultation;
*Litigation of business disputes;
*Complex document preparation;
*General litigation; and
*Unique matters

Costs - which include court fees, investigation fees, deposition fees, expert witness fees out of town travel expenses and other necessary expenses related to a case. Costs vary depending on the type of case and may be advanced by our office, and in some cases may be recoverable from an adverse party.

Upon consultation with our office, you will receive a fee structure quote and explicit details concerning any Attorney-Client Fee Agreement.

For any questions or comments, please conact us.