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Sun setting on old webpage

Posted by: Michael E. Moore | Posted on: December 23rd, 2011 | 1 Comments

The sun sets over my old webpage and the sun rises for our new web presence.  We have a couple more changes to make and expect this page to be fully functional for the new year.

  • Kerein99

    You are Amazing Man ,Attorney , of course Father:) I will never forget you what you been doing for my husband James. I want to speack On TV ,Radio,whatever, How much you care about people I mean people hearts.Today was my testimony you make me feel I was real person with real heart inside for the last 3 years and half I m feel alive again. Were stiill not done I know, it’s rolocoster road I’m in with James to support and you as an Attorney to have.
    Thank you for being in this crazy planet:) for plaintiff :) James Donato ,007man, I wish we have time machine to come back to this moment when I Lost My 007 Man.! We was just starting on our family ,sons, my mother come to US watching her grandson who she haven’t been seen in for last 3 years/ half . I Cant deckrabe anymore it’s so much for my family today. Thank youl!

    Arina ,James,RUslan , MIshka golden Egggs, Diamond.

    We love you, Have Nice Day!